How To Order On FACWEAR

Follow the steps below to start a easy shopping at FACWEAR

• Step 1

Add your selected items to your shopping bag

Choose a color and choose a size according to the size chart below

Click "ADD TO BAG".

• Step 2

Checkout when the selection is completed

Click the shopping bag button to view shopping bag

Review item(s) you selected, then click "CHECKOUT" if you are ready to place the order. Otherwise, click CONTINUE SHOPPING

• Step 3

Login to your FACWEAR account

Select "Sign In" if you already have an account on our site

Otherwise, select NEW CUSTOMER to register with your email account.

• Step 4

Complete shipping and billing information

Fill in the shipping address and click "SAVE" button

Choose a payment method

Desteklediğimiz tüm Ödeme Yöntemlerini görün.

Choose a delivery method;

Apply a coupon;

Then click "PLACE ORDER" button.

• Step 5

Fill in payment information to complete the purchase

Fill in payment information

Review your billing address

Then click the "PAY NOW" button.


• After receiving your payment, a Payment Confirmation Email will be sent to you and we will begin processing your order

• Sitemiz üzerinden hesabınıza giriş yaptıktan sonra siparişlerinizin durumunu kontrol edebilir ve Siparişlerim bölümünden paket (ler) i takip edebilirsiniz.

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